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In conjunction with Hi Line industries we offer the highest standards in compressed air filtration

Compressed Air Dryers

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The Hi-line range: simplicity, efficiency and reliability using modern concepts in air drying.

  • Hi-Line Refrigerant DryerRefrigerant dryers to a dewpoint of 3 deg C
    Many refrigerated dryers may look the same but the new Hi-line range is far from being just another dryer. The use of the latest, and highly efficient, stainless steel plate type heat exchangers, designed into a refined package, results in a dryer that has an excellent performance, is simple to operate and will keep doing its job reliably for many years. All this from such a compact cabinet.

  • Hi-Line Desiccant DryerDesiccant dryers to a dewpoint on � 70 deg C
    If you are in the market for a desiccant Compressed Air dryer you will be aware that it can be a complicated issue on what is available to satisfy your requirements. Hi-line are dedicated to the design manufacture and supply of adsorption dryers engineered to the highest standards.

Compressed Air Condensate Management Systems

Hi-Line Condensate Seperators

Gen 2: Second generation oil/water separators

They work with : -

  • Any compressor, vane, recip, turbo or screw
  • Any oils -synthetic, mineral or vegetable
  • Any drains-Even timed solenoids or steam traps
  • Any system-Galv,stainless,plastic or aluminium pipe work