Air Compressors

PSL offer a full turnkey package for all your compressed air requirements utilizing the leading manufactures Compair, Hydrovane & Sullair range of Air Compressors.

Compair Air Compressor


Compair Webpage

Lubricated rotary screw compressors 0.50 m3/min > 33.20 m3/min
Oil free rotary screw compressors 88CFM to 1500 CFM
Energy efficient variable speed compressors
44000 hour warranty

Hydrovane Air Compressor


Hydrovane Webpage

Lubricated rotary vane compressors 0.12 m3/min > 12.66 m3/min
Energy efficient variable speed compressors
10 year warranty

PET air compressors

Oil free range of PET compressors available up to 50 bar working pressures

Details available on request

Sullair Air Compressor


Sullair Webpage

Lubricated rotary screw single stage compressors 0.29 m3/min > 20 m3/min
Lubricated rotary screw 2 stage compressors 15.7 m3/min >83.8 m3/min
Energy efficient variable speed & capacity control compressors
Lubricated rotary screw vacuum pumps 2.2 m3/min >71.1 m3/min
5 year warranty
10 year air end warranty